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“You’re a devil who treats people as nothing” – Bobrisky once again casts shade



Bobrisky, the controversial crossdresser, once again suggests that the person he called the devil and a fake isn’t as bad as he seems.

bobriskyThis is coming after the male barbie rolled out tantrums earlier today to the same person whom he advised to take a sip of their own motivational quotes.

In a recent post, Bobrisky continues on the same path of shading this same person who he called a pretender that is hiding under the canopy of their fanbase.

”You can only pretend to your followers who you are not….but deep down inside your heart you are a devil who treat people like they are nothing….I won’t be sad about people comments saying you are a bad fried, naa, I’m sure if they know your real self yeah! They will all unfollow your ass. Keep pretending to be good, keep deceiving people, I know na your followers go still castigate you when they finally know who are,” he wrote.

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