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Wike’s Supporters Are Gradually Going To Atiku To Pay Their Loyalty – Prof. Okonkwo Reveals



Wike’s Supporters Are Gradually Going To Atiku To Pay Their Loyalty – Prof. Okonkwo Reveals, #Wikes #Supporters #Gradually #Atiku #Pay #Loyalty #Prof #Okonkwo #Reveals Welcome to 50MIND S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broadcast that we have for you today: :

A member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Professor Obiora Okonkwo while reacting to the crisis between the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, and the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar opined that Wike is very critical to PDP in 2023. Okonkwo said,

“Thank you. My answer to that is that it is high time we put this behind us. I am glad that there is close contact and one on one reconciliation between them. If Wike’s issue is not sorted, it will continue to be a distraction to PDP down the line. But my consolation is that the PDP primaries were very transparent. It was free and it was fair, in that venue, Wike himself had said that at the end of the primaries, he will support any candidate that emerge if it were not to be him.

“So you feel so much pain in a situation where they were manipulations and there were primaries that were not fair. I’m a victim of that. I know how it feels is very painful, but in this case, there was transparent decision has been reached. So it is a case of Wike thinking that he didn’t get what he wanted. And then when there was an appointment of the VP, it did not come to him. will always have the right to aspire. But I think what Wike said is true, for a man who has done so much to see the growth and the stability of this party to this extent, and who has himself on so many occasions has claimed that whatever he is today was made by PDP.

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“I expect that he should know when to call this whole thing off. He should not know how to cut his losses in this game, you win some you lose some. And then they come together to work with the party, with Atiku whom I think are very close friends and know themselves pretty much. It wouldn’t be it when he drags this too far. Some of his followers are gradually going directly to Atiku and paying their loyalty and then also getting their bills and protecting their rest when they’re living. He wouldn’t want to be out there like a general without troops. So I think that is very critical that these two gladiators will have enough power to come together. And then it will make PDP a stronger party to win this election come 2023.”


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