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Why You Can Never Satisfy A Woman



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When it comes to women, one thing that I know is that I know nothing. They are an insatiable bunch of creation that have showed from generation to generation that no matter what a man does or doesn’t, you can never satisfy a woman.

Even from the days of the Bible, in the earliest beginning, when God had given man all that he needs. Our dear ancestral Mother Eve wasn’t content still. Remember the story?

Now let me ask a question, if God could not satisfy a woman, who are you by the way or by the roadside?

Let me even share some famous quotes about these special breed of humans with you so we can learn one or two things.


1. “Do your best, your very best and leave the rest, if you think you can please a woman, you’ll die trying” — Edmonton Elton

2. “ If you think studying logics and further mathematics is difficult, try studying a woman. You will never graduate” — Anonymous.

3. In my 35 years of study as a psychologist, there is one thing that I am yet to understand and that is ‘what does a woman’ really want?” — Sigmund Freud

See? These were famous men known to be of great knowledge and wisdom. Yet, their knowledge became foolishness when it concerned women. Oh, i know what you’re thinking. They only get like that when they get matured and influenced. Bros, do you have a daughter? Maybe she’s still testing the microphone with you. Just relax and experience her. You will come back and testify.

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A woman is like a baby that’s crying. They don’t talk yet but you know they want something. Give them food, they turn up the volume, take away the food, wahala. Smile at them, you’re mocking them, frown, then you’re too wicked. Treat them nice and pet them you’ll hear something like am I a baby? Give them space to express their independence, then you don’t even care.


Die for her she’ll say you tried to compete with Jesus.

Today is mother’s day and I just thought about the women in our lives. Though we can’t satisfy them, they remain the loves of our life and we can’t trade them for anything else.

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