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Why Nigeria may continue to be a ‘paradise’ for criminals



Despite all manner of killings Nigeria has not executed a single criminal,even with thousands on death row. Ironically Nigeria is one of the most violent nation on earth. It is a nation that allowed capital punishment in its constitution.
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What is the problem with our nation?
In 1984,the buhari/Idiagbon government gave ultimatum for all prisoners on death row to be executed by firing squad within two weeks. We never knew they were only showing the stuff of good leadership they were made of. We called them bloodthirsty and murderers.
Today we know better.Why Nigeria may continue to be a 'paradise' for criminals - Screenshot 20200501 125810 1588335587472 300x170 - Why Nigeria may continue to be a ‘paradise’ for criminals

Now under same buhari,Nigeria is paradise for all kinds of violent criminals. They are not giving us any peace. Our villages,cities and highway have become killing fields. Yet one western value psyco will come out in defense of sanctity of human lives and tell us to allow killers live.

Nigeria has no infrastructure of keeping prisoners in convalescent conditions for life. Moreover the laws had sentenced people to death,so why keep them wasting for life?

I think the problem may be that Governors are not signing final execution warrants (maybe for political reason(s) or maybe because they don’t trust court judgements) or for personal reasons. Many convicted criminals are awaiting signatures.


We may have to look at the need to remove this power from them as a way forward.An alternative maybe to allow the state chief Judges to shoulder this responsibility or resort to automatic execution after a reasonable time frame is exhausted.The delay in carrying out these executions apart from being detrimental to crime fighting is also a waste of scarce government resources.

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