Why is everyone hating on ‘RHOSLC’ star Jennie Nguyen?

Why is everyone hating on ‘RHOSLC’ star Jennie Nguyen? : A star of the show “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”, Jennie Nguyen’s name is surfacing on social media platforms. After her post on Facebook is surfaced, it is clear that the reason behind her circulating on the web is due to her Facebook post. As there is something so inappropriate in her post, now your mind must hit you with a question what exactly does her post consist of? To know if you have to keep up with our article. Follow More Update On Olasmediatv.com

Jennie Nguyen

Why is everyone hating on ‘RHOSLC’ star Jennie Nguyen?

She has recently appeared on the show Bravo but the makers of the show fired her from it. Why? It is due to her racist Facebook post. Yes, you have read it right, her post on Facebook is making the rounds as it consists of derogatory words. He is into the lights all because of her offensive post on Facebook. The level of your impatience must be high now to know about the online drama going on after her offensive post and words.

Such words are the clear intentions of the star and this is so hurt breaking for her fans to see that she can be a racist also. So their good thoughts about her make them feel that she is the right personality to be admired. And they are now in a question whether it is right to admire her?  Bravo took to Twitter and they released a statement which reads, “Bravo filmed with Jennie Nguyen, but now it has been caused from her and she will not going to have appeared anymore in the cast.

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She isn’t a cast member of the show “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” anymore. We reminded them that we were failed to take strong or appropriate action against her. As she is mistaken by posting offensive words those are completely unappreciated. By keeping the things in our mind we are moving forward and focusing on improvising our work. ”

Jennie is facing a backlash after her scathing post came to light, she has written this post during the anti-racism movement and it had been after the murder of the bouncer of American-American George Floyd. So he used a word in her post which reads, “Black Lives Matter”. She doesn’t stop her and also shared memes. So this action of her made her be fired from Bravo and she lost her job.

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