Here’s what I think about cryptocurrency trading and investing in the face of fear and trepidation: What each means will help us better comprehend this. Fear Of Missing Out FEAR OF MISSING OUT is the abbreviation for FOMO.


What are you going to be missing, exactly?

A chance to make some money. There is a lot of “buzz” in the media right now regarding a financial instrument that, by soaring in price in a short period of time, makes enormous gains.

We get the impression that a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is slipping away because of this commotion.

Fud in Cryptography
Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are abbreviated as “Fud.” “xxx peddling FUD again” is a common expression.

When the price rises, people will be more inclined to sell when there is resistance, which is where we define supply.

FUD and FOMO Investing and Trading in Cryptocurrencies
Now, I have to inquire: to whom are they marketing?

To those who haven’t yet purchased the top, they’re hawking their wares.

What’s the deal, I retort, with regard to the top? It’s a cinch! They don’t want to lose out on the opportunity because they’re frightened the price will continue to rise!

On the other side, it’s possible they don’t understand the “Buy low, sell high” principle of cryptocurrency trading and investing.

Let’s now go into some FUD.

The demand zone where customers are willing to purchase when the price falls is referred to as the “support” zone.

Why don’t you find out who sells to them?

What you think is correct is just as valid as mine.

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Because the price is going down, they’re buying from those who are “afraid” of losing. They may have a “sceptical” attitude toward this digital currency.
Uncertainty: They don’t even know the future of crypto whether one can make money from it.

They complain the price is crashing too!

They neglected so soon to inquire why people are still buying from them why the price is still going down. If crypto is plummeting, it indicates no one will buy that one they want to sell.

Lesson to Learn: Shun FUD and FOMO even if we still need them to balance demand and supply.

Hold in the dip. Be patient and clever.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay! Nothing like crashing! It’s a financial technology transforming the world.

The above is an analysis of all you need to know about FOMO and FUD in crypto trading and investment.

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