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Who was Rishi Nitya Pragya and what was his cause of death? Spiritual Guru of India died



Who was Rishi Nitya Pragya and what was his cause of death? Spiritual Guru of India died: One of the most recognized and well-known Spiritual Guru of India who has touched the hearts of many individuals has sadly passed away. Rishi Nityapragya sudden demised news has left everyone shocked. Since his demised news comes fore his followers come in a big trauma and netizens are curious to know more about him. Rishi Nitya Pragya was the director of programs in the largest volunteer-based non-profit NGO of the globe, The Art Of Living Foundation. Apart from this, he is also the most cared personality as his work has extremely defined him throughout the world. Follow More Update On

Rishi Nitya Pragya  - Who was Rishi Nitya Pragya and what was his cause - Who was Rishi Nitya Pragya and what was his cause of death? Spiritual Guru of India died

Who was Rishi Nitya Pragya?

Similarly, Guru Rishi unearth deeply spiritually at 21 when he met Sri Ravi Shankar. In addition to this, Guru Rishi is still recognized for his contribution to the nonprofit NGO named “The Art Of Living Foundation”. Furthermore, the nonprofit NGO was established by his Holiness Gurudev Sri Sir Ravi Shankarji. Similarly, the organization has touched over more than 55 million people from throughout the globe.


Rishi Nitya Pragya Death Reason

The disheartening news about Rishi Nitya Pragya Ji has been rapidly covered on the feed of the web. Guru Rishi has always been one of the kindest and applauded personalities who have actively contributed to the well-being and welfare of society and the people. Similarly, the news about his demise has left several people silent and stunned. Allegedly, he has died on the 27th December 2021, closely at 07:30 AM IST. Though the information on his demise cause is still missing from the online sources.

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Individuals are expressing their grief and showing heart-wrenching condolences to him and his family on the web. Several people are still in a big dilemma to believe the news about his demise and wonder how such an intelligent and knowledgeable person could leave the world. The actual and exact reason behind his demise is still to be disclosed, but the sources have mentioned that he was ill, and due to his bad health condition Guru Rishi Ji left the world today.


People from the country India and other countries like South Africa are also mourning the back-to-back loss of Desmond Tutu and Rishi Ji.

Rishi Nitya Pragya Age And Net Worth

The age of Guru Rishi Nitya Pragya can be speculated around 40-50 years at the time of his demise. Rishi Ji has not disclosed his birth details publicly, but we know that his birth month falls in October. Furthermore, he was born in India. Likewise, his name profile still needs to be got featured on Wikipedia in the spite of his great works.

Rishi Nitya Pragya may have a decent net worth estimated to be around $500,000.


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