Who is Navjot Singh Sidhu’s sister, Suman Toor? Age, Instagram, and, more!

Who is Navjot Singh Sidhu’s sister, Suman Toor? Age, Instagram, and, more:  There was news flooded on the internet that Navjot Singh Sidhu has erupted as his elder NRI sister claims that he has been staying with his parents. Suman says that Sidhu drove her and their mother out of the house after the demise of their father in 1986. Punjab Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu has come into a controversy that his NRI sister Suman Toor alleged that he lied about his parents and claimed that Sidhu drove away from her and her mother after the death of their father in 1986. Follow More Update On

Navjot Singh Sidhu's sister, Suman Toor

Who is Navjot Singh Sidhu’s sister, Suman Toor?

Suman claimed in a live press conference that their mother died in 1989 at Delhi Railway Station due to poor. She also claimed to have paperwork proving Sidhu’s deception regarding his parents. Toor stated that Sidhu abandoned his mother in order to gain possession of their father’s property following his death. Sidhu, according to Toor, severed all contact with her and refused to acknowledge her. She claimed to have met him on January 20th at his home, but he denied it.

Suman Toor: Age and Instagram

According to the reports, Suman Toor is the elder NRI sister of the Punjab Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu. The 70-year-old woman claimed that he drove their mother out of the house to grab hold of the property after his father’s demise. In the 1990s, her elder sister moved to Canada and kept visiting her house in Chandigarh.

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Recently, there was a press conference organized where her elder sister and Navjot both were present there. One reporter asks in the press conference you both were biological siblings or just cousins. Suman replies in a polite manner that yes we both are siblings from the same mother Nirmal Bhagwat. Sidhu’s wife claimed that Cricketer Balwant Sidhu, Navjot Singh’s father, was married twice and they had two daughters from his first wife but the present couple doesn’t know much about anything.

During an interview, She has been attempting to contact Sidhu and has even visited his residence, but he has refused to meet with her. She stated that she learned of his harshness to her mother from her niece and that her older sister had also died. She declared that she would seek justice for her mother, who had died. Sidhu, the Punjab Congress politician, has yet to respond to the claims leveled by his purported elder sister. But there was no response coming from his own side.

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