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Who Is Madison Cawthorn’s wife, Cristina Bayardelle? Couple Files Divorce Revealed



Who Is Madison Cawthorn’s wife, Cristina Bayardelle? Couple Files Divorce Revealed: The New couples Madison Cawthorn and Cristina Bayardelle announce their divorce publically. Madison Cawthorn was the youngest member of Congress at the age of 26 and Cristina Bayardelle was an instructor, trainer, and entrepreneur at the age of 28. Everything was going well between them but relations with a politician were going to be concerned about him and ruin her career also. This made Cristina think that if she proceed with their relationship with him in the future then there is a big chance that this will impact her family, her career, and her whole life also. Because of this Cristina will no more going to make a relationship with him and decided to go for Divorce. Follow More Update On

Madison Cawthorn’s wife, Cristina Bayardelle  - Who Is Madison Cawthorns wife Cristina Bayardelle Couple Files Divorce - Who Is Madison Cawthorn’s wife, Cristina Bayardelle? Couple Files Divorce Revealed

Who Is Madison Cawthorn’s wife, Cristina Bayardelle?

If we talk about the social media platforms like IG, Twitter. Both got a huge fan following like Cristina has more than 152,000 followers on Instagram and mostly videos related to her daily workout routine in her personal and professional life. She has also been a big lover of animals as we can see through her Instagram posts like dogs, cats, birds, and dolphins also.


Whereas Madison Cawthorn has over 745k followers on Instagram with a public figure of congressman and servant of the people and talking about most on the upcoming elections, upcoming political parties and share some personal thoughts of his life.

Madison Cawthorn’s openly announces their divorce in public

Madison Cawthorn and Cristina Bayardelle have discussed with each other about their relationship and going to end here very soon. He also says that he could not tell her to make clear things when he entered politics and didn’t expect this could cost him over his whole life.


Cristina says “We are separating but that does not mean that we will never meet.” Some things in our relationship don’t match us but still, we can make good relations as a friendship. Madison is a fighter — he will show up his strengths in kind of making a good policy for his country and make us be proud of.

How did Madison Cawthorn and Cristina Bayardelle meet?

Madison and Cristina met in December 2019 where Madison considered himself as a Christian and Cristina was a college student where he trains people for CrossFit athletes. Madison says he had trained in the Summer Paralympics in 2020 but never competed at a qualifying level because of his wheelchair condition. In April 2021, Madison and Cristina married in a private ceremony but they are legally considered since December 2020.


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