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Who is Lt Nick McGarry Wife Melissa? NYPD Officer Gets Lap Dance from Vera Mekuli Video



An immensely shocking video of the 44th Bronx precinct of the New York Police Department is surfacing all over the internet. The viewers of the video are awestruck as an NYPD newly appointed female cop doing a lap dance for her senior officer. The female cop is yet to be identified, however, the male cop is identified as Lt Nick McGarry. A few seconds long video clearly shows that the cop was sitting on a chair and the female subordinates doing lap dance wearing a mini-skirt and over a revealing top. The video spread like a wildfire all over the Internet. Get more information on the NYPD officer lap dance leaked video.

Nick McGarry Wife  - Who is Lt Nick McGarry Wife Melissa NYPD Officer Gets - Who is Lt Nick McGarry Wife Melissa? NYPD Officer Gets Lap Dance from Vera Mekuli Video


As and when the video shared on the Internet rapidly came to the attention of the department they assured a stern investigation on the video and faces featuring in it. According to the latest reports, the entire incident took place at Rory Dolan’s bar in Yonkers during a holiday party of Christmas Bash for the employees of NYPD’s 44th precinct. All the things took place on 16 December Thursday. All the viewers present them gets stunned seeing that the junior cop settled down on the lap of her superior officer. The officer enjoying the lap dance identified as Lt. Nick McGary is married whose wife created a huge nuisance after learning about the video.

Lt. Nick McGary who was smiling in the video and touched the rookie, after the investigation, McGarry was transferred to Transit District 12 in an investigation conference. As we mentioned above that the people who watched the video and were present at the time were awestruck. At a moment in the video, the female cop grabs McGarry neck seductively and her skirts get up revealing her undergarments.

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Later, Mcgarry stands and both the officials hug each other, but later in another video, the female officer rubbing another man with her lap does a stripper act. The man was bent over and the female cop was banging him from behind. The video is getting criticized all over even a staff member of the bar said that he was aghast seeing what was happening at the time and personally that shouldn’t happen at a family restaurant.


Another waitress also condemned the act and said a noisy ‘Ewww’ to the lap dance. We will get back to you with more information about the female cop. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and entertainment updates.



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