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Who Is Alexander Tredway? Check His Mugshot Images Report and Charges



A name Alexander Tredway is getting much criticism all over the Internet nowadays for his heinous crime. However, the accused has been arrested by the Police authority and even proceed for further investigation. It is being said that the culprit will proceed to a court hearing wherein he will get served by the judge. According to the latest reports, he has been accused of molesting two kids after their parents filed a report against this, the police authority took quick action under which they arrested Alexander Treadway as the prime suspect. Get more information on Why was Alexander Treadway arrested.


Alexander Tredway  - Who Is Alexander Tredway Check His Mugshot Images Report and - Who Is Alexander Tredway? Check His Mugshot Images Report and Charges

The 18 years old teenager Alexander was working at Jefferson Childcare facility arrested for grooming allegations. The preschool was located in Jefferson, G.A where the entire incident took place. The Police officer released a statement that informed the accused was molesting two kids who are enrolled in the pre-school at Jefferson Childcare. The Police said that they are investigating the complete case and negotiating with the families of the victims and also the staff of the school. The police also assured that if allegations will be proved they will provide a stern punishment to the culprit.

Who Is Alexander Tredway?

As we mentioned above the as soon as the case was learnt by Police they started a brief investigation on the case and arrested the suspect and will present him to the court soon. As of now, there is not much available on the accused so far. The police are trying to fetch more information about the culprit. It is being said that the culprit is an introvert and hasn’t disclosed much about himself regarding his family background. A vast amount of information is being reviewed by the department.

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It is also being assumed that the police authority also hired a lawyer who will represent him in the court. However, it would be a formality to perform as the investigation officer has obtained some solid evidence against the culprit and it would be difficult for him to get bail on these serious charges. The victims might be more than two children. We will get back to you more on this as soon as it gets approved by some trustworthy source of media. Stay tuned with more information and the latest updates.


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