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What Women Want Apart From Money.



they’re certain things that women desire in relationship,that’s more than money.

Many times, when two people are in love, it looks as if everything is perfect for them, until you see the lady break up with the man all of a sudden.

This act didn’t just happen in twinkle of an eye, it has been happening for long, but along the line, the lady got fed up of the relationship and decided to break up.

There are things responsible for this, of which six out of these things will be treated here.


1. Dress Sense-

Ladies love it when a man knows how to dress. In fact, dressing is the main thing that attracts men to women and also the main thing that attracts women to men.

So, if you’re in a relationship and you don’t know how to dress, work on it before they snatch your girlfriend away from you.

2.Charisma- Ladies love men who are popular or famous in their surroundings. It’s difficult for ladies to leave a man who has charisma in a relationship, they know if they do, a lot of ladies are waiting for that same man out there.

3.Care- This is one of the main things that drives relationships positively. When a man cares for his woman and that woman knows it, it will be difficult for her to leave such a man.


Most times, that’s what ladies want in a relationship. They love someone who treats them like a goddess. They love such men with the whole of their hearts.

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4. Hair Cut-

What Women Want Apart From Money. - pexels photo 594610 199x300 - What Women Want Apart From Money.

One of the parts of the body that adds to people’s beauty is their hair. If you are a man, always let your hair remain moderate and well styled. Hair style makes ladies attracted to men. Do not leave your hair bushy,it makes you look ugly and unpresentable.

5. Sincerity-Ladies love it when their partner is sincere with them. It makes them believe you, even if you are telling lies. This doesn’t come like magic. They do study the accuracy of things you say,when you are talking to them. Ladies really want this in their men.