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What Spotify Are Saying On The Removal Of Safaera



What Spotify Are Saying On The Removal Of Safaera - images 300x168 - What Spotify Are Saying On The Removal Of SafaeraSafaera” (a Puerto Rican expression for “promiscuity, debauchery or substance abuse”) is a song by Puerto Rican rapper Bad bunny featuring Jowell & candy and Ñengo Flow. It was released on February 28, 2020, as track 14 of Bad Bunny’s second studio album.

The song reached number one in Spain in its fifth week, becoming Bad Bunny’s seventh song, as well as Jowell & Randy’s and Ñengo Flow’s first song to peak atop the charts

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Bad Bunny and Jowell had previously talked about a collaboration in the past, in a time when Bad Bunny was recording mostly trap songs, a genre that Jowell dislikes. They said to each other that they would work together if one of them was willing to make either a trap or a reggaeton track. A year later, after listening to Bad Bunny’s “Mia” featuring Drake, Jowell liked the single’s style and called Rimas Music to arrange a recording session with him, but he was very busy at the time. Three weeks before the release of YHLQMDLG, Bad Bunny called Jowell & Randy, who were in Puerto Rico, in order to work together for the album. He sent them two tickets to Miami and the duo flew over there that same afternoon, only to find out that the song was already written and they just had to record their verse. Despite the fact that Bad Bunny, Jowell, Randy and Ñengo Flow are credited as songwriters, Jowell affirms that Bad Bunny wrote the entire song by himself. “Safaera” was produced by Latin Grammy Award winner Tainy and Bad Bunny’s disk Jockey DJ Orma.

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Fans today have noted their displeasure on why Safaera was removed on sportif


At the moment, the Spotify and Spotify Spain accounts have not ruled on it. The artist himself has not made any comments either on his Instagram account or on Twitter.


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