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What Is Cesarean Section And Why Is It Important During Child’s Birth



Child’s birth is very important in the lives of every human especially the women. However there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to medical terminologies. For many due to their own misinterpretation they tends to stay away from these ambiguous medical words and wont have anything to ded this misconception of late is the C/S known as cesarean section. While many sees this act of giving birth as not being right, some religious institutions are also not helping matters. How? They preached against it saying that nothing like that was recorded in the bible.

I have thus compiled this article to provide the needed information in simple terms as to why Cesarean section is very important. Below are some of the things you need to note concerning C/S


C/S means “Cesarean Section” which is a surgical procedure done in a pregnant woman in order to deliver her baby.


They are divided into 3 main groups
I. Mother and Child
II. Maternal Reasons
III. Child Reasons

I. Mother and Child Reasons
1. FetoPelvic Disproportion
This simply means that the babies head cannot pass through the mothers pelvis (Birth canal). It occurs mainly in first time pregnancies. Attempt to push can be fatal.What Is Cesarean Section And Why Is It Important During Child's Birth - IMG 20200517 083626 269x300 - What Is Cesarean Section And Why Is It Important During Child’s Birth

II. Mother Reasons
1. Previous Surgeries on the Womb:
Surgeries on the womb such as Cesarean section or fibroid removal leaves scars on the walls of the womb and weakens it.
The pressure of pushing can lead to the scars breaking causing severe bleeding. That’s why C/S is advised.
2. Birth Canal Obstruction
Sometimes there might be some tumours blocking the babies birth canal.
Instead of letting the baby suffer and die because its way has been blocked, a Cesarean Section is advised.
3. Maternal Diseases
Diseases such as Diabetes makes the babies bigger than normal making the birth canal too small for them to pass through.
Forcing natural birth might harm the baby, so a Cesarean section is advised.
4. Previous Vaginal Surgeries
The child is able to come out of the vagina because it’s elastic but when surgical procedures such as Circumcision, “Vaginal Tightening” etc These procedures reduce the elasticity of the vagina and in such case the baby can’t come out.

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Also read:

1. Fetal Distress
Its an emergency and it means the baby needs to come out immediately. Once the doctor notices that the child is not breathing well, moving well, he would advise for Cesarean section because it wouldn’t make sense passing a child under stress through stress.
2. Mal Presentation
The baby normally comes out with the head but there are times the baby might have the buttocks, legs, hands first and in that situation, a Cesarean section is advised to avoid complications.
What does it mean to deliver like the “Hebrew Women”. Its mother and Child being safe.What Is Cesarean Section And Why Is It Important During Child's Birth - IMG 20200517 083605 300x141 - What Is Cesarean Section And Why Is It Important During Child’s Birth

These are therefore some of the reasons why Cesarean section is quite important and helpful. Without it, A lot of things can go wrong during child’s delivery so it comes in handy in order to prevent child’s death and the mother going through unnecessary pain during child’s birth.

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