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What Happened To Nick Cannon 5-Month-Old Son Zen Dies Check Cause Of Death Last Video



Nick Cannon, the American Comedian, actor, and rapper, is grieving an unimaginable loss. It has been coming forward that the TV personality has lost his 5-month-old son, Zen. Yes, as shocking it sounds, it is the truth. Cannon informed about the death of his youngest son on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, on The Nick Cannon Show. Ever since the news was announced, social media got flooded with emotional posts and condolences. Netizens are expressing their shock over the sudden demise of such a young child and are praying for his soul. Besides, what was Nick Cannon son cause of death is also being searched online.

Nick Cannon son death reason  - What Happened To Nick Cannon 5 Month Old Son Zen Dies Check - What Happened To Nick Cannon 5-Month-Old Son Zen Dies Check Cause Of Death Last Video


The comedian announced that his five-month-old son died of brain cancer and added that he also had a tumour. Nick Cannon said that he lost his youngest son over the weekend to hydrocephalus, a buildup of cavities deep in the brain. He added that the condition is the same as a malignant, midline tumour, basically termed brain cancer. According to Mayo Clinic, in hydrocephalus, the size of the ventricles increases because of the excess fluid that further puts pressure on the brain resulting in its damage.

Talking about his son on his own show, Nick Cannon further added that he had always noticed that his son had a cough which he always wanted to check out. The 41-years-comedian added that his son also had very interesting breathing when he got two months old and that he had a cannon head. Nick said that they never really paid much attention to his nice sized head but wanted to take the child to the doctor to get his breathing and sinus checked. He further added that they thought that it would just be another routine checkup but they were wrong as that Zen, their son, had a fluid building in his head.

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Nick added that they later find out that their son had a brain tumour. Even though the baby underwent brain surgery so that the fluid can be drained out, he couldn’t be saved as the tumour had already begun to grow a lot faster. The television presenter got teary-eyed while sharing the tragic news of his son passing and added that he got to spend some quality time with his son this weekend. As per some sources, Nick Cannon has postponed his schedules as he would be taking some time off work. Zen, the 5-month-old child, was the seventh child of Cannon and Alyssa as the pair welcomed him in June.