What Does Tiktok Brain Mean And Is It Real? Social Videos Explored

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What Does Tiktok Brain Mean And Is It Real? Social Videos Explored: A new scientific term has come to hear recently which is referred to be as ‘TikTok Brain’. Basically, it is a phenomenon due to which today’s children are losing their attention capacity. Now people are trying to understand this phenomenon but there is no detailed article on this scientific term here you will get to understand this term as we have covered this subject comprehensively so keep following this article till the end and take a look at the sections placed downward. Scroll down the screen of your device and start reading and knowing what is TikTok Brain. Follow More Update On Olasmediatv.com

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What Does Tiktok Brain Mean And Is It Real?

Recently a new term is coined by scientists to describe the sensation of decreasing attention spans among children nowadays. All credits go to short videos that have been posted on TikTok for years since it has launched. Now TikTok has dominated every short video-making platform and it registered the highest engagement of the users over the past few years. TikTok users have found themselves lost in mindless scrolling for hours on TikTok which is said to be not profitable for the users. And according to the data, the most affected generation by 15-second videos is children as they have become addicted to these short video platforms.

While one side many people are making their career on TikTok by making short videos and on the other hand youth is facing the consequences of these short video platforms. In 2020, Forbes remarked on TikTok as the digital crack drug for your brain and now we are feeling those words true. As people are witnessing a decrease in the attention spans of their children thanks to short TikTok videos. It is being proven to be the biggest responsible for kids’ fleeting attention periods. Due to this a new term TikTok Brain coined by the scientists.

Carl Marci is a recognized psychiatrist in Boston at Massachusetts General Hospital said to the Wall Street Journal, “It is difficult to see the ongoing trends in the media consumption of all kinds, media multitasking and speeds of ADHD in young people and not conclude that there is a reduction in their attention span.” And a pediatric psychologist named Dr. Michael Manos said, “TikTok’s ever-changing circumstances do not need sustained concentration from its users at all.” This phenomenon directly hit the children’s oriented attention ability that makes their brains sustain attention and inhibit distractions.


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