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WestJet cancels 737 Max flight after warning light triggered



westjet cancels 737 max flight after warning light triggered - c2239d40 5cfc 11eb bc78 695005281427 300x200 - WestJet cancels 737 Max flight after warning light triggered

WestJet Carriers dropped a flight with the Boeing 737 Max airplane from Calgary to Toronto on Friday after a warning light went off in the cockpit.

Lauren Stewart, a representative for the Calgary-based carrier, said in an articulation Friday that WestJet flight WS658 got back to the entryway after the airplane’s “wellbeing checking framework demonstrated a potential flaw that should have been confirmed and reset.” Flight WS658 had been booked to withdraw Calgary Worldwide Air terminal at 8 a.m. MT.

“This cycle requires some investment and requires a resulting motor run, which we don’t perform with visitors ready,” Stewart said in an email, including that travelers the flight were rebooked on a Boeing Dreamliner. A motor run is a standard routine agenda testing the activity of an airplane’s motor frameworks.

A representative for Transport Canada said in an articulation Friday that “this occurrence isn’t identified with the past establishing of the Boeing 737 Max airplane.”


Stewart said “the airplane was cleared by upkeep earlier today and will profit to support for Sunday Jan. 24 as arranged.”

Friday’s flight should stamp WestJet’s third business flight with the airplane since Transport Canada re-guaranteed the hardware.

Transport Canada permitted the Boeing 737 Max to re-visitation of Canadian airspace starting Wednesday, after almost two years of government audit following two lethal accidents that prompted the worldwide establishing of the top rated fly.

The planes are allowed to fly in Canada as long as they meet conditions indicated by Transport Canada in December, including permitting pilots to handicap a broken warning framework that was discovered to be key to the two destructive accidents in 2018 and 2019.

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WestJet recently said it would take “a staged methodology” for its re-visitation of administration plan. To begin, the aircraft intends to work three roundtrip flights for every week with the Max among Calgary and Toronto. Stewart didn’t indicate if the transitory establishing of the airplane on Friday will affect the aircraft’s re-visitation of administration plan.


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