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‘We’re never ready for that’: Demian Bichir opens up about his wife’s death



‘we’re never ready for that’: demian bichir opens up about his wife’s death - image 300x200 - ‘We’re never ready for that’: Demian Bichir opens up about his wife’s death

Demian Bichir tragically lost his wife by suicide on April 20, 2019. His wife, the Canadian actress and model Stefanie Sherk, was only 37 years old when she died.

Later that same year, Robin Wright asked the Oscar-nominee if he’d be interested in co-starring with her in her directorial debut for the drama “Land.”

When Bichir realized the story was about two strangers overcoming the loss of their spouse and child, Wright said Bichir felt he “had to do it.”

“We all go through a dear loss. Yes or yes, at some point in our lives, that’s something that will happen, whether you want it or not, that is a fact. Whether it happens early in life or late, we’re never ready for that. Human beings, we’re not ready for that. We celebrate and prepare for a birth, you know, when we are born, but we’re not ready for to go through a loss,” said Bichir. “And that is one of the things that caught me when I read this script.”


Wright stars as Edee, a woman who lost her husband and child in a mass shooting. She feels incapable of dealing with the loss, so she moves to the wilderness and buys a cabin secluded in the mountains. That’s where she meets Bichir’s character Miguel, a man who lost his wife and child in a car accident. As Miguel teaches her the required skills to survive in the wild, they bond and slowly begin to heal each other.

“I many times say that the characters sometimes find me. They come to me, and when Robin (Wright) invited me into this adventure, it’s pretty much what happened when George Clooney invited me to do ‘The Midnight Sky.’ Those two films, they deal with the same issues,” he said.

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