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WEIRD: Meet Iraqi Boy Born With 3 Penis



WEIRD: Meet Iraqi Boy Born With 3 Penis

WEIRD: Meet Iraqi Boy Born With 3 Penis 3 penis - IMG 20210403 063808 300x228 - WEIRD: Meet Iraqi Boy Born With 3 Penis

An Iraqi newborn is making weird history after he was born with 3 penis.

The three months old baby boy, a Kurd from Duhok was brought to the hospital after his parent discover swelling in the scrotum. But when doctors examined him, he had something extra — namely a two-centimeter member sprouting near the root of his primary penis.

And doctors also discovered another one-centimeter-long nub under his sack. “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case with three penises or triphallia,” wrote Dr. Shakir Saleem Jabali in a study published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

WEIRD: Meet Iraqi Boy Born With 3 Penis 3 penis - GettyImages 1166256742 scaled e1609540706558 300x225 - WEIRD: Meet Iraqi Boy Born With 3 Penis

The 3 penis has become something of mystery due to the fact there has never been a case of genetic aberration in the family history, neither was the child exposed to drugs while in the womb.


However, doctors have linked the phalliac deformity to other congenital aberrations, such as being born with two scrotums or anuses, according to World Health Organization research.

Doctors surgically removed two of the baby’s extra penises because they do not have urethras.

The cases of triphallia are extremely rare and the case of the Iraqi boy is the first to ne published by the International Journal of Surgical Case Reports.

Diphallia — or sporting a pair of penises — was first reported in 1609. It affects one in every five to six million baby boys, with around 100 recorded cases “reported in the literature,” some of which can reportedly ejaculate and urinate, according to the new study.

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