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WATCH: Sirf Tum 22nd February 2022 Full Episode Today’s Written Update, Suhani’s Decision To Become Ranveer’s Wife!



Hello friends, today again new information for you. The letter sung by Surinder later reached Amar and Ahana’s ears. They were waiting for the truth from Ranveer’s side. Amar, in shock, told Ahana the whole truth about Suhani. He also shared that Suhani told him about her relationship with Ranveer before she left VRS. What will Ranveer think of this? A big twist comes up next where it is revealed that this is exactly what Saanvi had planned. In continuation of the 22 February session, you can watch all the action in Sirf Tum, written update on Zee Cine. The episode revolves around Suhani’s decision to become Ranveer’s wife. Stay tuned to our website For the latest updates!!

 Sirf Tum 22nd February 2022Sirf Tum 22nd February 2022

It was a historic day for many people as they went on a new journey which is not just of love but also of marriage. A couple goes to the Tajmahal and takes the vows there. The bride and the groom make their vows in front of the Tajmahal. The bride and groom get ready for the vows. Amidst all this, the emotions are not this tough for Malika and Suhani. Jubilation has started for both Suhani and Malika. Wednesday night left everyone in a state of disbelief. With everybody glued to their sets while they were anticipating the performance of two of the biggest stars in the country, Sirf Tum didn’t fail to live up to their expectations.

Sirf Tum Today’s Full Episode Written Update

The season 23 finale of the show came with a bang and packed a whole lot more than just saas-bahu drama and suspense. With the surprise alliance and impressive performance of a new kid on the block, the audience left no stone unturned in celebrating their love for Ranveer Singh and Suhani Kapoor. Ranveer and Suhani take vows. Ranveer asks Suhani to take her own pheras. She says no, I will do as you say. He takes her hand and she takes him. They take pheras together. She cries in happiness with tears falling down Ranveer’s cheeks too. You must be constantly in search of a good story that keeps you engaged and entertained throughout the day.

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