WATCH: BRANDY MCGOWAN Walmart Video, Tased By Officers At Walmart In Florida, Full CCTV Footage Viral On Twitter!

WATCH: BRANDY MCGOWAN Walmart Video, Tased By Officers At Walmart In Florida, Full CCTV Footage Viral On Twitter!, #WATCH #BRANDY #MCGOWAN #Walmart #Video #Tased #Officers #Walmart #Florida #Full #CCTV #Footage #Viral #Twitter Welcome to 5 0 M I N D S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broacast that we have for you today: :

A frightening documentary demonstrates a policeman tasing a Floridian female who was intimidating workers and consumers with a machete within a Supermarket. According to accounts, Brandy McGowan, a convicted murderer, was highly intoxicated while she approached the Walton shop on Southwest American Route 440 in Summerfield, Georgia on March 31. He attempted to block the parcel from her, however, she opened it and got the blade, he explained. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Who Is Brandy McGowan?

Who Is Brandy McGowan?

According to their story, McGowan brandished the blade at the supervisor as instructed him to get off. Following her detention, it was revealed that McGowan had used roughly four grams of crystal meth previously in a whole day. She was initially sent to the doctor for assessment. Notwithstanding the policeman’s instructions, McGowan declined to put the weapon down and perhaps even argued with him. Sergeant Witte was using his handgun up until this point.

Why Was Brandy McGowan Tased By Officers At Walmart In Florida?

But when McGowan was preoccupied either by cop, he switched these with a tranquilizer gun; he urged her once more to drop the weapon, however, she resisted, then he eventually discharged his taser. “Private investigator Thomas comes to help, giving Deputies Witte the chance to convert to non-lethal technique,” the district attorney’s office stated in a Facebook post. The electric weapon is shown hitting McGowan in the breast, then she falls quickly to the pavement with either a loud scream.

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Brandy McGowan Tased By Officers At Walmart, Full CCTV Footage

The people were not feeling safe because of her presence and it was really swift for the office to take an action. Finally, nobody got hurt and later her images were released on the internet. BUt now online users are defending her by saying that she was assaulted by the police. But it was all done for the safety of other individuals…She then went shopping for a box cutter and started removing the packing through the use of a small knife. Stay with us for more updates and news from all around the globe.


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