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This Vybpro Watch Prevents You From Touching Your Face



A 15 year old boy from the United kingdom created a Vybpro watch that can stop you from touching your face by vibrating whenever you are trying to touch it.

Vybpro Watch this vybpro watch prevents you from touching your face - 00ec931554f199848034e99b77b1af62 original 300x230 - This Vybpro Watch Prevents You From Touching Your Face

Max told CNN “Watching this pandemic unfold on the news, it was clear the devastating effect it was having on people’s lives across the world.”

Max Melia also said, the inspiration came when his parents contracted the virus.

“However, it wasn’t until I saw the severity of the virus first-hand, when both my parents contracted Covid-19, that I truly appreciated just what we were dealing with.”


Vybpro Watch works by identifying various gestures associated with touching the face.

Anytime someone tries to touch his/her face, the watch vibrates that’s why Max suggests you wear the Vybpro watch on both wrists to monitor the movement of both hands.

Max and his mother initially brought the suggestion in 2018 as a way to prevent the flu.

“I knew that this was the only time I had to try and make a difference and so I’ve had to be really committed, using my time away from school in lockdown wisely. I’m proud of where we are but I know that to get over the final hurdle it will take even more guts.”

The Vybpro watch is Rechargeable, waterproof band and a sealed pod to allow for water resistance, including sweat, rain and hand washing.


Max launched a $74,000 campaign to finish the production. so far, he has raised $15,000.

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“I believe that this device can make a real difference in the fight against coronavirus and so I’m determined to do all that I can to bring it to market,” Max said. “I really hope that the general public can see the potential and are inspired to get behind the campaign to fund the next stage of the development,” he said.

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