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Viral: Who Is Caps Lock Faren? Maguad Siblings Dead Body Actual Picture and Video Leaked On Twitter & Reddit!



Maguad Siblings: Who Is Caps Lock Faren? Maguad Siblings Dead Body Actual Picture and Video Leaked On Twitter & Reddit: Crizzlle Gwynn Maguad, 18, and her 16-year-old sibling have been reportedly battered to death in plain sight at their house in M’lang the week before. Another significant story out of North Cotabato is the murder of Maguade’s family members. Following the event, Filipinos advised netizens not to upload any photos or videos of the crime site. Respect for the magistrate’s court and their anonymity is required. Along with it, slogans were formed to increase awareness among the general public all around the world. Follow our website for more updates!! Maguad Siblings Dead Body Actual Picture and Video

Who Is Caps Lock Faren?  - Maguad Siblings Who Is Caps Lock Faren Maguad Siblings Dead - Viral: Who Is Caps Lock Faren? Maguad Siblings Dead Body Actual Picture and Video Leaked On Twitter & Reddit!

Who Is Caps Lock Faren?

The story has gone widespread on the world wide web, with many people watching the recordings and photos that have been posted on various social media sites. She was then looked after by the local government welfare agency. Although it appears that some are attempting to raise knowledge by uploading images and videos of forensic evidence as well as comments from murderers’ bodies, several Filipinos are dissatisfied with the situation and are advising individuals to not do anything.

Video: Maguad Siblings Video Went Viral On Twitter, Who is Copslockfaren? Maguad Siblings Murder Case, Offered 200000 Pesos Reward, Suspect Name!


According to accounts, she was confined away in her chamber and requested assistance via her Profile picture. But let’s also mention that a 17-year-old survivor has been confirmed as a “traveling relative” by the Philippines News Organisation. The occurrence develops extremely well-known and well-known among huge numbers of people. Indeed, there have already been millions of individuals connected to this occurrence and searching for the identity of the perpetrator who committed such a heinous act in which two brothers died and indeed the third survived by hiding in a room.

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Maguad Siblings Dead Body Actual Picture

Towards this reason, we encourage all individuals who seem to have photocopies from the above images to remove and discontinue dissemination in a way that respects the desires and confidentiality of the family of the victims. There are several testimonials released during which users discuss the occurrence in detail. There will be some disclosures, and the government may be able to track down the accused who murdered most of the other siblings.

Maguad Siblings Full Video

As immediately as the message was published, other internet users began to criticize it. The investigative police squad has apprehended the responsible party. People have been moved by images of Crizzle Gwynn and Crizzule Louis’ cadavers. Except for the trial verdict, the historical drama has been brought to a close. The Official Twitter @capslockfaren belongs to Punctuation Faren. He has posted photos of the Maguad Youngers’ bodies.


People have been crying much more as a result of this. People’s fury has been directed at him as a result of this deed. People have been saying that Caps Lock Faren’s time spent on social media has exceeded the bounds of compassion by sharing pictures of the victims’ animal carcasses. For the relatives of the deceased, this act of distributing images of the corpses is being deemed an offense. Perhaps he wants to provide unique knowledge to the social networking site’s activity.