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Viral video of vehicle starts moving backward automatic when mother gets her child out, see what happened next

Social media is full of viral videos where we get to see many interesting and shocking videos. Today we have brought one such shocking video for you which will surprise you and this video is of a vehicle that automatically starts moving backwards. In this video going viral, it can be seen that after stopping the car in the parking lot, a mother takes her child out of the car and takes her in her lap and as soon as she starts coming out of the front window, the car moves backwards. The lady runs backwards to stop the car, but due to the baby in her lap, she fails to stop the car. The car while moving backwards falls straight down the hill and the rear part of the vehicle gets completely damaged. Some users are commenting and telling the mistake of the lady because, despite the slope, she removed the handbrake and the car started moving. 

This video going viral has been shared on the ‘viralhog’ Instagram account, which has got 21,039 views so far. Netgens is giving different reactions after watching this video. One user commented, “This raises a ton of questions for me! Why didn’t she leave it in gear? Why didn’t she have the emergency brake on? And why the hell did she just turn around and walk away?” while another user wrote, “So she gets her child out, reaches in and releases the handbrake and runs off saying mummies getting a new car.”

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