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Viral Video of Lioness protecting a baby calf from another lion attack

On social media, we often get to see many awesome videos of lions hunting animals, but have you ever seen a lion protecting another animal. Today we have brought such a video for you in which a Lioness is seen protecting the baby calf. It can be seen in this video that a Lioness is roaming for prey in the jungle and then she sees a baby calf. The lioness runs after the Baby calf to hunt and finally manages to catch it but after this something happens that you will be surprised to see. As soon as Lioness catches the baby calf, she does not kill it but is seen playing with the calf. After a while, another Lioness sees Baby Calf and attacks to hunt but the lioness protecting it fights with another lioness and manages to save Baby Calf.

This video has been shared on the ‘Global World Entertainment’ YouTube channel going viral, which has got 1,78,26,229 views so far and the netizens are giving their different reactions on this video. One user has written, “It’s interesting to see instinct to play such a key part in the survival. Because you can see when the little guy was standing there it seemed the lion didn’t know what to do because it wasn’t running. He was pawing it and almost playing with it like it didn’t know what to do. But the second it ran he instantly jumped on it because instinct kicked in.

Viral Video of Lioness protecting a baby calf from another lion attack

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