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Viral Video of herd of Wildebeests crossing a river but Crocodiles prowling inside it, watch what happened next

Social media is a platform where we get to see many great videos of animals that are very interesting and today we have brought such a great video for you in which a herd of wildebeest tries to cross the river and something happens that you will be surprised to see. This video going viral has been shared on the YouTube channel ‘DESIGNWORX MEDIA’ which has got 71,84,193 views so far.

In this video going viral, it can be seen that the herd of Wildebeest is standing on the bank of the river, and only then a Wildebeest jump into the river and tries to cross it. After this, all the Wildebeests standing there also jump into the river and try to cross it, but many crocodiles in the river come to hunt Wildebeests. Crocodiles try to catch wildebeests but all try to cross the river by running away. Finally, a crocodile manages to catch Wildebeest and it grabs his tail with his jaw so that Wildebeest cannot escape. Wildebeest also tries very hard to save its life, but many crocodiles in the river surround it and start trying to kill Wildebeest. Wildebeest tries to save its life with its full power and finally escapes from the clutches of crocodiles and gets out of the water. 

Wildebeests crossing a river but Crocodiles prowling inside it

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