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Viral video of a Tiger trying to catch Monkey on tree but something happened after

We often get to see very funny videos on social media which make us laugh a lot and today we have brought one such video for you which will make you smile. This is a video of a tiger and a monkey, in which a tiger climbs a tall tree to hunt a monkey, but a monkey is also clever and hangs itself on a branch near the tiger so that if the tiger attacks, it will run away from there. As soon as the tiger attacks the monkey to catch it, the monkey runs away from there. Tiger hangs on the branch of the tree and tries to lift itself on top of the branch but is not successful in doing so and falls very hard from the tree to the ground.

This video, which is going viral, has been shared on the account ‘the_planetone’ on Instagram, which has got 18,471 likes so far. Instagram users are making a lot of funny comments after watching this video. One user has written ‘Not today big fellow, you better go to McDonald’s while another user has written: “Haha all for finger food.”

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