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Vidoe: Warri based billioniare, Prophet Fufeyin dole out cash to assist church workers, others



Reactions as Warri based billionaire, Prophet Fufeyin, dole out cash to assist church workers, others 

Warri based billionaire prophet fufeyin reactions - IMG 20200822 WA0001 240x300 - Vidoe: Warri based billioniare, Prophet Fufeyin dole out cash to assist church workers, others

Prophet Jeremiah fufeyin

In a world where pastors are grossly criticized and accused of maltreating their staff and pursuing careless frivolities at the expense of their members; flying Private Jets whilst their workers and followers wallow in abject poverty and hardship, there exists, a special breed, pioneering a quality of leadership that will revolutionize ministry, as we know it.

Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry is an internationally renowned church, that has grown into a city, enlarging Her territory, thriving, and advancing the Kingdom of God even beyond the borders of Nigeria.

reactions - IMG 20200822 WA0004 300x274 - Vidoe: Warri based billioniare, Prophet Fufeyin dole out cash to assist church workers, others

Some of the church workers and beneficiaries

For a ministry so large, one would be very correct to assume that a workforce of millions of staff and volunteers are required, to keep the facility and the ministry running perfectly.

Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, The Senior Prophet and the founder of this great ministry, has millions of staff whose loyalty to him is indefatigable. It is, indeed, awe-inspiringto spend time amongst his staff and hear only good things said about the man of God who has become a father figure to millions of people of varying ethnicities, nationalities and even religion!

What inspires this undying love and devotion?
Is it the miracles, signs and wonders?
Is it the generosity and gift- giving?
Is it the prayers?
Is it the healings?
Is it the palliative or his High sense of fashion?
Is it his prophetic accuracy and dream interpretations and solutions?

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On further interviewing with his staff, who are like one incredibly large family, it is easy to see that what endears people to the man of God is his INVOLVEMENT, RELATABILITY and COMPASSION.

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Prophet Omoto Fufeyin is deeply involved with his staff, church members, and even outsiders, enough to know about their challenges, what is important to them and where they need help and prayers.
He has invested his time and resources into changing the lives of millions of people in Mercy City, despite the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, not only sustaining the salaries of all staff, but providing weekly allowances; paying the annual rent of millions of people; sponsoring many to become landlords, footing hospital bills; fully funding the medical expenses of pregnant women; giving luxurious accommodation to selected workers; blessing staff with cars and business opportunities; sharing large amounts of money almost every week, if not daily, to his staff; fully financing wedding ceremonies and honeymoon planning of many of his staff; paying his tithe to his staff; feeding Internally Displaced Persons every day; sending food and gift items to mosques; making massive donations to state governments, and many more minmind-blowinggs of kindness.

The staff and many others can’t help but sing praises to God for sending a Father to them to completely transform their life story, and ensure that they grow even as the ministry they serve, grows. Speaking in similar manner, Prophet Sunday Okuma Iyire, Mrs.Gi.f.t K.adiri, Mr. Ebi Sampson and others had the opportunity to share their testimonies about the goodness, kindness ,and uniqueness of the man of God for being a good man too, not just to his church workers or members but anyone who comes in contact with him.

How would millions have survived in these hard times, without Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin?

He is indeed sent to propagate the breakthrough of the world.


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