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VIDEO: Who Is QUEENETH HILBERT Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube!



VIDEO: Who Is QUEENETH HILBERT Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube! , #VIDEO #QUEENETH #HILBERT #Video #Leaked #Viral #Twitter #Reddit #Instagram #YouTube Welcome to 5 0 M I N D S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broacast that we have for you today: :

Actress Queeneth Hilbert was in news recently because of a video that was leaked online. And now the Nollywood actress Queeneth has broken the silence about the video and spoke publicly about the video was released. The video showcased a woman who was nude and the video seemed to have pornographic content. People who watched the video claimed that the woman in the video was Queeneth . Although, she claimed now that she is not the one in the video. Any woman who wants to protect her respect will get angry if such allegations were thrown at her. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Queeneth Hilbert Leaked Video

Queeneth Hilbert Leaked Video

Queeneth is known for her acting skills in Nollywood, anyone claiming that the woman in the video is Queeneth might be wronged because Queeneth herself cleared that she is not the one in the video. Finally, after all the rumors and the havoc created online, she now cleaned up all the rumors by giving a clear and straight statement. The actress is from Asaba and is well-known thee for her acting skills. In a long article, the actress cleared up all the havoc created and said that she is not the one in the video and that she would never get involved in pornography or such content.

Queeneth Hilbert Video Viral Twitter


In the article, she said that a video came to her notice and it was claimed that the woman in the video was her. She said that she wanted to make everything clear, that she is not the one in the video. Queeneth further added in the article saying, I have never made pornographic videos, and will never even make it in future. I will never share such videos publicly. She further said that all of it was made to harm and down her reputation and that she will not be intimidated by such vicious acts. She said clearly that she would never share such videos of herself.

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Who is Queeneth Hilbert? Scandal & Boyfriend

Queeneth further added that my attorneys are taking care of the issue and they will soon find out about the source from where it was released. It is damaging my reputation and my name. She also said to note in the video that the fingers are different from hers and that her belly is not like the woman who is in the video. The havoc was created because the face of the woman in the video was not visible and only her body was showcased. She later thanked her family and friends who have been supportive of her and have been supporting her in this situation.

Queeneth further attacked by telling that her haters are trying to do that by faking the video, as she never ever had a tattoo in her life, and that the haters are trying to sue her by faking the video. She further added by saying, I have had a c-section for the appendix and I have gone through that pain. If I was the woman in the video then where is the mark of scissoring in the video? All that pain is gone in vain? She then asked God’s help to save her and help her through this situation. Clearly, anyone in this situation any woman will get angry as she was and will get backed because of such allegations.



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