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Video: Omokri and Senator Ndume Clash Over Buhari’s Treatment Of Igbos During Live Interview



Reno Omokri, the media aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, and Ali Ndume, a senator from Borno State, clashed during a live interview session over President Muhammadu buhari’s treatment of the Igbos in Nigeria.

Omokri complained that it is unfair that no Igbo person holds any position in the country’s security apparatus. He added that the current administration has pushed the Igbos to the wall. That’s why they are agitating for Biafra.

Omokri also said that he is not an Igbo person, but he is not happy with the way Igbos are being treated in Nigeria. He also said he grew up in Sokoto and almost married a Fulani girl. He is more connected with the Northerners than the Igbos.

In reaction to Reno Omokri’s statement, Senator Ndume said it is unfair to accuse President buhari of nepotism. He said the president appointed people he trusted from anywhere, irrespective of their tribe or religion.


Ndume also said former President Goodluck Jonathan appointed people he trusted, majorly from the South.

The discussion led to a serious argument between the two politicians, and they started exchanging words during the live interview.

Watch a video of the interview here. 

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