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Video of Chad Troops bombarding Boko Haram Terrorist



Nigeria Army 155mm SPG pound Boko Haram boko haram - EUQRubSWoAEQLMf 300x177 - Video of Chad Troops bombarding Boko Haram Terrorist

The Chadian Offensive against the Boko Haram insurgents which started on Saturday the 28th of March as recorded a huge success.

During clearance operations that follow the offensive, the Chadian military has recovered a large cache of weapons and capture a key commander of the Boko Haram terrorist that masterminded the attack in Boma.

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On the evening of Thursday, the 2nd of March the Chadian troops on a clearance operation engage some of the remnants of the insurgent at Kelkoua.


At the battle that ensued at Kelkoua, bank of Lake Chad, Chadian forces fire rockets and 12.5mm rounds on Boko Haram fighters from both flanks. Several BHT bunkers were discovered and destroyed.

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Before last week “Operation Boma Wraths” the Chadian have requested the Israeli Airforce to help map out the entire Lake Chad both natural and artificial islands which later aided the offensive.

Chadian President Idriss Deby had promised to deal a deceive blow on the insurgent after the Boma attack on the 23rd of March which left about 70 Chadian troops dead.


Idriss Deby personally leads the offensive, in a coordinated attack that comprises more than 50 Chadian gun trucks, Armored Personnel Carriers, and attack helicopters.

The battering received by the Boko Haram fighters forces Shekau a factional leader of the insurgent to release an audio message, telling his fighters to hold their group.

Boko Haram 5 signs that shows the world might end soon boko haram - download 1 2 300x162 - Video of Chad Troops bombarding Boko Haram Terrorist

In an unusual message from Abubakar Shekau the factional leader of Boko Haram, he rallied his fighters to hold their ground against the rampaging Chadian troops.

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The Audio message which was made public on Tuesday, March 31 did noting to boast the moral of his fighters and they retreated from their positions in communities around the lake Chad area.

Shekau in the five minutes audio message directly addressed President Idriss Deby, “Do you think because you have fought several secular wars in several fronts, you can fight those of us that choose to fight for the sake of religion”.


This quite a success as Shekau has never been reported warning his troops against fleeing any previous battle.

This is an indication that the Chadian forces most have put the insurgents under immense battering.

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