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Video Footage shows Kaduna Lawmakers Exchanging Punch



Following the impeachment of the deputy speaker Mr Mukhtar Hazo, video footage shows Kaduna Lawmakers Exchanging Punch with one another.

Mr Mukhtar Hazo’s impeachment was approved by 24 members of the house of assembly.

Video Footage shows Kaduna Lawmakers Exchanging Punch

Before he was impeached, there were speculations that 7 members of the house which was headed by the former deputy speaker to impeach the speaker, Yusuf Zailani.

To show their anger, video footage released by channels Tv shows Kaduna Lawmakers Exchanging Punch as the lawmakers in support of the former deputy speaker descended on the other members.

The speaker of the house told Channels Tv that the former deputy speaker was the one that brought the misfortune upon himself.


The speaker Yusuf accused the former deputy speaker of joining hands with other members of the house to overthrow him as the speaker.

Over the alleged plot to overthrow the speaker, security operatives stormed the house of assembly.

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Not everyone is happy with Yusuf’s style of ruling that’s why they decided to join hands to impeach during any meeting attended by all the members of the house.

The video footage shows no form of social distancing at all as the members of the house were all together trying to stop the fight.

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