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Vehicle loaded with food intercepted, carted away by Kano residents



A video of how some Kano residents intercepted and carted away the materials in a vehicle is currently trending on social media, the vehicle is loaded with food items and is said to be on it’s way to the popular singa market.

“People are hungry! Their businesses are halted! The government is not helping enough! Merchants are skyrocketing the prices of food items and other necessary commodities! Philanthropy is not enough!
The suspicions on the hiking death rate reports coming from Kano shouldn’t be only ascribed to Covid19” an eye witness disclosed.

There’s hunger, weakened immune system and people exposed to extreme immunocompromised state.
People can’t access healthcare in our local clinics. And major hospitals are not attending to many patients due to having focused all their attentions and energies on Covid19.

It’s sad that Covid19 has come to expose our stupidity and vulnerability all at once. May God come to our aid, soonest, Amen.


Watch video below:

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