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UK Announces £1billion plan To Help Students



UK has Announced £1billion plan to help students due to the damage the Covid-19 has done in affecting their education.

According to a press release UK students will return to school by September.

UK Announces £1billion plan To Help Students uk announces £1billion plan to help students - p0864j7c 300x169 - UK Announces £1billion plan To Help Students

UK prime minister Boris Johnson
UK Announces £1billion plan To Help Students

The department of education released a statement saying, “As plans continue for a full return to education from September, the government has announced £650 million will be shared across state primary and secondary schools over the 2020/21 academic year.”

According to UK Government, it is the principal of the various schools that will decide where and how the money will be spent but it is expected of them to spend it towards “small group tuition.”

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Also, “This one-off grant to support pupils in state education recognizes that all young people have lost time in education as a result of the pandemic, regardless of their income or background.”

“The other portion of the package will be £350 million for a tutoring program that “will increase access to high-quality tuition for the most disadvantaged young people over the 2020/21 academic year.”

Boris Johnson also said, “This £1 billion catch-up package will help head teachers to provide extra support to children who have fallen behind while out of school.”

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