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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 15-1-2022: Jasmine Ruins Fateh & Tejo’s Date



Hello, all the daily soap lovers, your favorite dramatic show Udaariyaan is going to make you amaze through the coming broadcasting, where you will watch that Fateh decides to re-marry Tejo and live his life peacefully with Tejo without having any obstacles. Therefore, he says that he will have to manage everything so that, he could unleash his feelings towards her. But at the same time, Jasmine is planning something big to ruin their lives, and therefore, she is targeting Fateh’s family as well. Because once he will get the news of their danger zone he will come back to them while leaving Tejo again.

Udaariyaan today's episode  - Udaariyaan Todays Episode 15 1 2022 Jasmine Ruins Fateh Tejos Date - Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 15-1-2022: Jasmine Ruins Fateh & Tejo’s Date


Then Jasmine thinks that she should make a call to Fateh so that, the first step of her plan could get success, because she knows very well, that he is with Tejo now and both are having good moments in their life. So hence, she says that she should do something to destroy their happiness in such a manner, then she makes a call to Fateh and says that he should go to his family as they are going through a great shock now. As soon as Fateh hears her statement on mobile he leaves Tejo and goes from there.

After a while, when Fateh reaches his home he sees everything is fine and nothing has happened to them, and therefore his anger goes at its peak because he has ruined his all happiness and date with Tejo. Then he says that he will have to tackle the situation in such a sagacious way, so that, Jasmine could get defeat herself. But he is not able to understand what to do now. Because as far as he has concerned Jasmine is thinking one step ahead from his thinking as she is clever enough.

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In the last episode, as the viewers have watched, Jasmine’s mother makes her father acquainted with her exploit as Jasmine gave a bunch of notes to someone, as she is planning for a big against Tejo. Meanwhile, Rupi says that as long as he is here Jasmine could not do anything against Tejo and Fateh do not worry, and therefore, he files a complaint against her to the police station and request them to take action against her if she is really going to execute something worst, because now he will not take even a single chance with the safety of Tejo.