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TyCalK9 Trainer Abusing German Shepherd Viral Video Check Charges and Reports



The very unfortunate news is coming again in front of people from the TyCalK9 Dog training center in Arcola, Texas, but this time it is not related to any human but to an animal whose video is also going viral. In the video which has come to the fore, it can be clearly seen how a man is behaving badly with the dog which is unfair and seems an aminal abuse. Later when the video caught the heat and is watched by many prestigious personalities like The Fort Bend County District Attorney, he launched an investigation into the matter.

TyCalK9 viral video  - TyCalK9 Trainer Abusing German Shepherd Viral Video Check Charges and - TyCalK9 Trainer Abusing German Shepherd Viral Video Check Charges and Reports


According to the reports or sources, a massive outrage of the reaction took place where people are unleashing their anger by saying that, dogs are not safe under the guidance of the trainer. The TyCalK9’s animal center is popularly known for giving the training of celebrities’ dogs, but since the video took place immense reaction set the fire on social media. As people are getting to know about the news, their reactions are coming out in such a way that no one had even imagined because animals abuse is not acceptable, as no one has a right to do such things.

What Is In The Video?

In the video, everything is clearly appearing, that the trainer is abusing a German Shepherd dog after being swung over the shoulder of the trainer. Therefore, since the video took heat on social media, it received wide backlash as well, because netizens are passing their remarks by saying that no one has a right to do something worst with anyone especially, animals who are not even able to speak up against the injustice. Even a few have said that he needs to be taken into custody through the concerned department, so that, he could get the appropriate punishment.

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If the reports are to be believed, so The Fort Bend County District Attorney said that they are bringing ahead the investigation and figuring out the all facts. But besides this, they do not have a right to share any detail of the investigation because it is against the rules. But he made sure that, the trainer will get the punishment for the exploit he has done with a dog which is punishable as well. So you could also get the entire information while streaming the video as it is circulating all over social media.