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True Life Story: The Day I Saw A Mermaid. Here Is My Experience




In my village, there are numerous brave hunters. I have known many of them since I was just seven years old. I would like to tell this story the way it happened because I don’t want you to think it is just a mythical story or fiction. It is a true-life story of myself.

Many were the stories of mermaids that I have heard in my village, and many were those stories I have read about, but this one was my personal experience.

It happened in 1984 that my body was covered with chickenpox, and my father got tired of the situation. Thus, he took me to our village at Imeko/Afon in Ogun state, so that his mum could take care of me. I got to the village. Many of my age mates loved seeing me because I was brought from Lagos.


Then I would see some group of hunters bringing in diverse bush meat of all sorts to sell in the village. My grandma loved bush meat a lot. She would buy and use it to cook soup.

One certain time, I noticed that my brother Jobi was among the hunters, and many times his share after they return from the hunting is enough to cook ten pots of soups, Hence I got lured into the business.

One day, Jobi brought over seventy bats, which were given to him as his share. That day he gave me eight out of them. I set fire immediately and fried them. I never knew that bats are just too good for eating. I kept the rest for grandma who used them to cook vegetables.


The next day I told my grandma that I would follow the hunters to the forest. At least I am three years older than Jobi and since Jobi can be so bold to follow the hunters, I can too.


So as the hunters were passing the next day, I ran to meet their leader that I am interested in following them. He told me to go and take permission from grandma, which I did.

That night, we set for the jungle and one thing that got me scared was that they only hunt in the night, not day. As we were going, I enquired from the master of the hunters why they loved hunting in the night. He said that is when animals move about.true life story: the day i saw a mermaid. here is my experience - images 4 - True Life Story: The Day I Saw A Mermaid. Here Is My Experience

Some minutes later, we got to a river, that had a wooden bridge built across it. The hunter’s leader summoned me to wait by the river bank that they were coming. He gave me a machete and a bag to hold for them. They all went across the river, living behind, then there is nothing to scare about because things were good, no form of abduction of any sort; even though if you resolved to sleep in the bush nothing will happen to you.

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Some minutes later, after the hunters’ departure, I noticed something like a woman, clad in a white garment made in the form of a bride’s wedding gown. Rising on the surface of the water, I was dumbfounded. My body shivered and it seemed I felt atrophied as my body began to shake tremulously.

The woman came out of the water and began to move towards me. I don’t know when I threw away the machete in my hand and fled.


Towards our village, I was about to enter our village. When I saw the woman in my front, I reversed and ran back to the river, thinking that my co hunters would be back, but I was disappointed as I found the woman at the riverbank again. That was how I ran from the river to the village to and fro for six good times.

The last time I was about to enter my village when the woman was close to me, she was about to hold my hand. When I shouted, it was my loud noise that attracted the hunters and they all appeared beside me at once.

Everything seems like I am acting in a Nollywood movie because it seemed like a dream to me. They appeared magically to me by that time the woman had disappeared. When they appeared they asked me what happened. I couldn’t just explain, I only told them I wanted to go back home. So they led me home. On getting home, grandma thought I had brought enough bush meat. She never knew my encounter was though.true life story: the day i saw a mermaid. here is my experience - images 3 - True Life Story: The Day I Saw A Mermaid. Here Is My Experience

The next morning the hunters came to enquire about what I saw. I told them it was a woman from the river. They now explained to me that it was a mermaid, that she knew I was a novice in the field, that’s why she came to pester me.

He now commends me for being a brave man, he said many effeminate men have followed them in the past, many of them fainted on sighting demons or mermaids. He added that they as brave hunters too used to flee from such creatures except they are with an adequate charm that can make them too formidable the creatures to attack.

Ever since then, I never make any attempt to follow the hunters to the bush, because their job is not easy, and one man told me that the hunters don’t go hunting with ordinary eyes. Many have a charm that can protect them from all sorts of evil things. Ever since then, I have been respecting any hunter I meet anywhere I go.


true life story: the day i saw a mermaid. here is my experience - IMG 20210603 184043 225x300 - True Life Story: The Day I Saw A Mermaid. Here Is My Experience

My names are Afolabi Peters Murphy. A writer, blogger, novelist, and iconoclastic orator contact me on anything concerning writings and Spiritual problems on what’s number 08133492465.

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