Saturday, September 26, 2020

Trailer Crushed Two Woman To Death In Lagos State

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Trailer Crushed Two Woman To Death In Lagos State5ominds 5ominds

There are some cases that deserve to be treated mercilessly in the cause of vehicle or truck killing human In Lagos.
Such cases of trailers crushing human to death are just too rampant in Lagos, and I think such cases as been mishandling by the government of Nigeria, thus leading to diverse of the cases.
Most of the drivers are habitual drunkard, and most of their drink is usually gin fondly called “Ogogoro” and these drinks mostly result into reckless driving that always metamorphosed into a fatal accident such as what happened yesterday at Cele bus-stop in Lagos state when one certain truck lost control and crushed two women to death.
The two women were crushed to death on Friday by a container that fell from the truck at Odolowu, in the Cele area of Lagos.
According to an eyewitness, the trailer was seen cascading towards the venue of the event, before it finally lost control which stipulated that the truck was hitherto not in good condition before the final occurrence.
The government and the government functionaries are to be blamed for this, any vehicles that are not in good condition is not supposed to be seen plying our roads, but instead of the right agency to not the hurdles, they will rather collect bribe from them and give them pass, thus putting the innocent citizen at risk of being a visit of accidental death.

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