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Touching Photo of Pregnant Teenager: Who Is To Blame For Her Predicament?



Regina Daniels friends organized a surprise baby shower for her(video)Touching Photo of Pregnant Teenager: Who Is To Blame For Her Predicament?

Touching photo touching photo of pregnant teenager: who is to blame for her predicament? - D2A82F98 7EB8 40F7 AD02 6F629E15946C 300x300 - Touching Photo of Pregnant Teenager: Who Is To Blame For Her Predicament?

While minding my business as usual and perusing the internet, I stumbled on the picture above and my heart immediately sank.

The picture is so touching that I was filled with anger and disgust at the same time. I mean, this girl is just a child, but she’s heavily pregnant with another child. Let’s even just assume that the other full grown child strapped to her back is not hers.

No matter how you look at it, you’ll find out that everything is wrong with this picture!


This girl should absolutely be in school, studying and creating a clear path for her future like her peers, but she’s fetching firewood for some certain sibling of lucifer who is getting prepared to eat breakfast. Oh God!

Who then is responsible for her predicament?

I found myself asking myself this question severally. Who is really responsible for her state?. Herself? Her parents? Our Government or the society? Frankly speaking, everyone else is responsible except herself. I can assure you she doesn’t want this life. So, who then is responsible?

1. The parents (if they are alive). They should be arrested and charged to court for child endangerment. In fact they should be sent straight to jail.

2. Her immediate family. Everyone directly connected to this girl should be ashamed of themselves. These ones should be banished into the thick forest to go and be living with monkeys and baboons.

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3. Her community. Nothing much to say here really, than the fact that y’all are enablers of evil. Everyone that knows her and can do something about her situation but aren’t coming to her aid, God has plans for you, I just don’t know if it’s punishment or not.


4. Whoever got her pregnant. I don’t even want to hear ‘husband’ but if this is a case of child marriage, that man is a child molester, an abductor, a full fledged criminal and must be brought to book.

5. Ultimately, our government. They are the ones who have in one way or the other, encouraged and enabled child abuse in all of its ramifications. That is definitely a topic for another day.

Having said all these, if anyone can help locate the girl in the touching photo, kindly reach out, let’s come to her aid. This is not the life she wants! This is not it!

Please, kindly share until this reaches someone that knows someone that knows her!



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