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Tips On Mother And Daughter Relationship.





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Mother and daughter relationship can become strained, but how can we address it,here are some tips on how to handle this relationship between a mother and her child.

offer  about what you would like your mother to hear
“Give yourself plenty of opportunity to identify this and practice a few times by either speaking it or writing it out for yourself. This really helps to give you clarity and avoid getting into a slinging match of ‘you said I said…’”

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2. Focus on talking about you, your thoughts and feelings
”Use words like ‘I expect…I felt…I am thinking…I am hoping…‘Avoid focusing on her and using words like ‘You said, you did etc’ as this may put her in the defensive and people don’t listen when in that mode.”

3. Think about your tone
“Most of what we said is communicated through our tone and so take time time to be aware of how you are communicating. If you saying something positive but saying it in an angry voice, your positive message will be lost.”


4. Establish good boundaries
“If there are topics that you don’t want to discuss with her, let her know that you would prefer to focus on this for today and hope she can hear you.”

5. Don’t rush the conversation

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“If you find yourself getting angry, upset or like you may loose your temper, take a minute to pause and focus on your breathing. Remember it is a tough thing you are navigating and you need to be loving and caring to you.

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“If things go well, build on that by affirming your mothers hearing you and let her know you are very pleased you are communicating.