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The untold truth about Money: How to build wealth from nothing



the untold truth about money: how to build wealth from nothing - Bcs2FNFqpL5iAAAAJXRFWHRkYXRlOmNyZWF0ZQAyMDE5LTExLTE2VDE1OjI3OjQ4KzA4OjAw iGcGQAAACV0RVh0ZGF0ZTptb2RpZnkAMjAxOS0xMS0xNlQxNToyNzo0OCswODowMIt8JKUAAABMdEVYdHN2ZzpiYXNlLXVyaQBmaWxlOi8vL2hvbWUvYWRtaW4vaWNvbi1mb250L3RtcC9pY29uX2UwcG16NW9nbGE4L2ljb24tdGVzdC5zdme4ED11AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC - The untold truth about Money: How to build wealth from nothing

The untold truth about money: How to build wealth from nothing

the untold truth about money: how to build wealth from nothing - 25bce3ce144def7f0c44e13d9bdd9d65 quality uhq resize 720 - The untold truth about Money: How to build wealth from nothing

Each time the word ‘Money’ and how to make it comes into play, there are a lot of questioning gaze that follows it .

You hear people ask questions such as”Why is money so hard to make?

” Are some destined to make money while the rest remain poor?

“If truly money is supposed to be made by all, why then are some wallowing in poverty-stricken conditions?


Before I answer those questions, I am going to say this;

A lot of lies have been told about money.

Let’s look at the life of some great billionaires in the world Today.

Warren Buffet, 2nd world richest wasn’t born into a rich family, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has a networth of 72.9 billion, surprisingly, his wealth was self-made. He worked his way to it.

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks has a networth of 3.5 billion, dude was also born into a poor home, meaning his wealth was self-made.


Opray Winfrey,born into poverty also. Currently has a networth of 2.6 billion.

Jeff Bezoz, CEO of Amazon has a networth of 117.3 billion (currently the richest man on Earth)

These guys were guys that all started on rough grounds. Their parents weren’t rich. They are all self-made.

The big question is this, how did they make it?

Determination is the key, but before anything else, I must say this “Stop chasing money, chase problems”


Let’s look at this illustration; a salary earner such as a cleaner won’t be paid same thing with an office accountant who probably doesn’t do as much work as he does, note, the difference between these two is in the value the add.

While a cleaner does a cleaning job, you do not need special skills to do this, but an office accountant requires a profound knowledge obtained from a higher or tertiary institution. The difference is actually in the value added.

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Now, back to the question “How then do you build wealth from nothing?

Like I earlier said, you need to stop chasing money and start chasing problems.

What do I mean by this?


It means at this point in time, you should quit search for high paying jobs, rather go in search of problems you can provide solution to.

If the owner of Amazon hadn’t seen the need for an online site where people could make purchases, he probably won’t be this rich. But, he saw a need and proffered solution to it.

Now, people can stay at home and make order online and have these things delivered to them within such a short period of time and at a cheaper cost.

Isn’t that wonderful?

What if he didn’t see the need?


Bill gates saw the need for a Microsoft software and he provided solution to it.

What problem have you seen and what solution can you provide to it?

The world is willing to patronize and pay heavily for every service that you render to them as far as their needs are met.

What am I saying? if you wish to build wealth from nothing, look up for the needs of people/ problems around you and begin to provide solutions to them.

The money value you add, the more reward you get.


And for the record, money isn’t created for some group of people solely.

The story of these great and well- to- do -men, I listed above, should encourage you not to give up on your poor and hopeless background.

Stand up!

Look for problems and provide their solutions.

Once you do this, you will gradually find yourself swimming in the ocean of wealth.


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