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The Pandemic is Far From Over – Nursing Chief



Nursing staff across the UK are begging the public not to forget that the Pandemic is far from over. the chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing Dame Donna Kinnair says.

The Pandemic is Far From Over - Nursing Chief The Pandemic is Far From Over - Nursing Chief - images 1 5 300x178 - The Pandemic is Far From Over – Nursing Chief

“Please think about our health and care workers, working under tremendous pressure, and respect the guidance being given.

“The prime minister has said it is important to ensure nurses and key workers have the protective equipment and testing they need. This has to be a priority,” she says.

“Until our members report they are getting all they need, it is hard to see how the lockdown could be relaxed further.”


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Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the United kingdom announced a conditional plan in reopenig some part of places in the United kingdom.

In his statement:

He said this is is not the time to end lockdown.

He implored people to work from home and they should only go to work if they must.


He also said, people that should go to work are those that can’t work from home like those engaged in construction work and manufacturing work and they should not use public transportation.they can go to work by driving, walking or riding bicycle to maintain social distancing.

People should engage in more outdoor exercises like driving around and doing some sporting activities with members of their families only.

Schools could return on 1 June, and parts of the hospitality industry and more shops could open from July, dependent on the data.

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We all know that it is undoubtedly true that the Pandemic is far from over as the number of cases is increasing at a high rate.

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