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The Evil That Nigerian Government Do



The Evil That The Nigerian Government Do

the evil that nigerian government do - f2d4a744 394c 46b2 8df7 a711305edaed 2 300x200 - The Evil That Nigerian Government DoToday I woke up to know that another 87 cases of coronavirus are detected in Lagos again. It was 80 yesterday, two days ago was even more and the numbers of the deaths toll are getting higher on a daily basis. And believe you and I if care is not taken the coronavirus is going to spread more, because the Nigerian government are not helping the citizen.
Two days ago I spoke with a friend of mine who resides in Germany, she told me that they have been in lockdown for the past three months to four months, and she has never opened the gate of her house to peep into the street and I asked her how she had been coping, she told me that she said the German government gave her 1500 euro to feed herself and two children, she added that 1500 euro is enough to feed them for eight months and she bought enough foodstuffs indoor, mind you she’s not an indigene of German she’s a Nigerian and shes benefiting every all what the Germans are benefiting.the evil that nigerian government do - images 19 5 - The Evil That Nigerian Government Do
Now, what is it that we will benefit from our government in our fathers land, to eat became a problem, buhari during his live broadcast he made mention that the rich should take care of the poor, please how many people have come out to claim that the rich have done something tangible for them.
Let us face reality buhari is even worst than Abacha, now no one as the power to talk in fighting for the right of the masses just imagine what buhari did to Sowore in democratic settings and ever since then no was able to talk again.
The Nigerians themselves are cynical because when Sowore was indicted only a few Nigerians believe he was fighting for them, many stood that he should be prosecuted because he was guilty of a felony and reasonable treason.
In South Africa when Jacob Zuma was guilty of the allegations that were levelled against him, he was impeached and nothing came out of it, it is the same Jacob Zuma that was a failure in his country that some nonentity began to celebrate in Nigeria as a hero.
Nigerians for how long are we going to stay in darkness? In our country that we have everything yet we suffer everything because we are having bad leadership, let buhari come out and tell us, the things he has done for us, common basic amenities no one enjoys it in this country and now that the entire nation still needs money for sustenance buhari ordered money to be shared to his people in the north only, all other places are clamouring for food and they could not get, yet some Nigerians are still saying buhari is good.the evil that nigerian government do - download 2 - The Evil That Nigerian Government Do
At this juncture am afraid, the rapid growth that the pandemic is using to spread is very detrimental at least had it been that we had a good government that pay us all at least #30,000, I know we will all remain indoor and it will be easy to curtail the pandemic, but now that our despotic ruler says it’s only his people in the North that are liable, may God help us all especially as partial movement starts on the 4 of May.

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