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Tension Rocks New Zealand As A Police officer Was Shot Dead



Tension Rocks New Zealand As A Police Officer Was Shot dead in Auckland, New Zealand while a routine check was going on.

Nearly after the officer was shot dead Police officers busted a house and Arrested 2 people who were with firearms.


Tension Rocks New Zealand As A Police officer Was Shot Dead tension rocks new zealand as a police officer was shot dead - auckland cropped 334am 300x150 - Tension Rocks New Zealand As A Police officer Was Shot Dead

Tension Rocks New Zealand As A Police officer Was Shot Dead

It all happened when police officers saw a suspected car approaching and they tried to stop it.

The Commissioner of Police said while explaining how it all happened “Lights and sirens were activated and police attempted to follow the vehicle. However the officers quickly lost sight of it.” He said.


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Moment after, the vehicle “crashed into another vehicle.” One of the members of the public suffered a minor injury.

When the Police Officers were trying to approach the suspected vehicle, a man came out with a “long barrelled firearm” and shot two officers who were on the scene but only one died and the other officer suffered an injury.

The Police commissioner added “The offender has then fired multiple shots at the two police officers at the scene.”

“Both officers have been shot and tragically, one of our officers has been killed,” he added.


After he shot them, he entered into another car which was later abandoned and ran off.

An eye witness told the NZ Herald that he saw an injured officer jumped over the fence.

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“He dropped to the ground and was looking around a bit, clutching his chest,” the man said. “Then he jumped over the fence and ran off up the street,” the eye witness said.

The suspect has not been arrested but while thorough search was going on, 2 people were Arrested with firearms.

“We are following strong lines of enquiry and our priority is to hold any offenders to account,” the commissioner of Police said.


“The incident points to the real risk that our officers face as they go about their jobs every day,” he added.

The commissioner of Police said as at the time when the tragic event occurred, the police officers were not armed.

Although, NZ Police officers rarely hold guns because during amnesty they handed over 50,000 guns.

“At this stage there is nothing to indicate that this job was going to be anything out of the ordinary.”

“Our police officers work hard every day to keep us and our communities safe”


“I want to reiterate that I am committed to New Zealand Police remaining a generally unarmed police service,” said Mr Coster.

“How the public feels is important – we police with the consent of the public, and that is a privilege.”

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