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T.B. Joshua: The Terrible Experiences That T.B. Joshua Faces And Why He Had Many Tribulations



It is confirmed that T.B. Joshua, Nigeria’s foremost Televangelist, Prophet, and philanthropist, is dead. His death has caused reactions from several Nigerians and most of his members are still worried because they find no place in their hearts to hide his memory.
T.B. Joshua is a true man of God who began the job from zero levels when he had nothing until he was fully blessed. During his early journey, he would sleep alone in the church, and even when he began to have money in his hand, he was unable to live flamboyantly, preferring to be driven around on a motorcycle.
There is a video here that reveals his early days when he was building his church. During this period, T.B.Joshua believes in setting an example for people. He was the one who headed several jobs in God’s vineyards. He will never push people forward and sit aside like a supervisor, no matter what type of work they want to do in the church.
Despite how he began his church at zero levels, T.B.Joshua faced a lot of challenges. Firstly, before he stationed the church at the present place at Ikotun Egbe in Lagos state, he moved the church from several locations to about four places.

In 1995, T.B. Joshua was accused of appearing to a young girl in a dream and having intercourse with her. This news escalated because the story was aired on a radio station named OGBC 2 and the program was called “Irinkerindo”, a program by Kola Olawuyi.
At that moment, many Nigerians expected T.B. Joshua to appear on the radio station to defend himself, but he is the type of man of God who always does a thing without looking or minding anyone. Despite the accusations, he continues with what God has instructed him to do.
Later that year, a man appeared on the same program, accusing T.B. Joshua of using demonic power to perform a miracle. The man claimed to be working with T.B. Joshua, and as a result, he made it clear that he knew everything about him because they were working together, but everyone never proofs that the man ever works with the man of God, later Nigerians detected that it was an attestation.
According to a video shared by Linda Ikeji’s blog here, a woman claimed to be sexually molested by the man of God without adequate proof, and she only says she stayed in the church with the man of God for 14 fourteen years, during which time the man of God took advantage of her.
How T.B. Joshua Was Arrested In 2019
According to one of the soldiers who later returned to plead before the congregations of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in the presence of T.B. Joshua himself, T.B. Joshua was arrested by some men of 18 soldiers in 2019 and taken away from his church to detention for 13 days.
The man explained that it was false information they received about the man of God that he was involved in a drug deal, forcing them to search his church for days; he was later released, but what happened to the people involved in his false indictment was nothing to write home about.
Why He Had Many Tribulations
There is no doubt that T.B. Joshua faced many tribulations.
This happened to him because his style of preaching was different, his mode of performing a miracle was unique, thus he began to have enemies even among his peers.
There was a time many other Nigerian pastors accused him of using demonic power to do his work of God.
His Legacy 
T.B. Joshua will be remembered for his exemplary wonderful works in charity giving, his assiduity, his benevolence, and his proclamation of the kingdom of God.
T.B. Joshua was respected by the Muslim Association of Nigeria because of his annual donation to support their gatherings.
He will be remembered forever as the first pastor to build a school in his hometown in Ondo state.
His TV station, Emmanuel TV, remains a source to access his works and experience the profound gospel of Christ.
He will be remembered forever by the
Nigerian as a prophet and foremost philanthropist.

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