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SUSPECT: Udaipur Tailor Kanhiya Lal Killing Video Viral On Social Media, Suspect Name Revealed, Two Men Arrested!



SUSPECT: Udaipur Tailor Kanhiya Lal Killing Video Viral On Social Media, Suspect Name Revealed, Two Men Arrested!, #SUSPECT #Udaipur #Tailor #Kanhiya #Lal #Killing #Video #Viral #Social #Media #Suspect #Revealed #Men #Arrested Welcome to 5 0 M I N D S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broacast that we have for you today: :

A shocking piece of news is coming up from Udaipur, where a man who was walking on the street was beheaded in a broad daylight and the incident occurred this Tuesday. According to a video that went viral on the internet, two men with butcher knives in their hands were seen getting closer to another man, and soon the man walking down the road was beheaded with the butcher knife.  The incident occurred in the Maldas street of Udaipur. The clip where two men were seen beheading another man went viral on the internet and it was seen that the man opted for killing the other one. Let us discuss in detail the video and the killing. The beheading incident sent people in shock over the city and the internet as well, as the netizens watching the video were shocked. The video clip circulated showcased two men namely, Muhammad Riaz Akhtar and Muhammad Gosh. In the video, they were clearly seen holding the butcher knife and they openly claimed and took the responsibility for the killing as well. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Udaipur Tailor Kanhiya Lal Killing Video

What Happened With Udaipur Tailor Kanhiya Lal?

People on the streets and in the city called for the arrest of the two men who killed the other one and beheaded him. The video and the killing came in response to the video that the victim posted on his social media account and supported the suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma. According to the sources, police are investigating the case and until now it came out that the man who was killed was a tailor by profession, he was attacked by a sharp weapon, a butcher knife, and he died on the spot as he was beheaded. According to one source, the video which got viral on the internet about the killing of the man had a message from the murderers and it was clear that the killing was just like the Taliban and the Taliban style.

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Udaipur Tailor Kanhiya Lal Killing Video


After the killing happened the video was uploaded on the internet and the video went viral in no time, the video gained a lot of views and shares. The video grabbed a lot of attention and until now it has gained millions of likes and shares on the internet. As per the reports, the witnesses, and the police, the two accused reached the shop of the man who was a tailor by profession. The shop was in the Dhan Mandi police station area. According to a statement released by police, the two men reached the shop, one named Riyaz attacked the tailor named Kanhaiya lal and the other man who was Gosh recorded the video with a mobile, then the video after the killing was uploaded online. As the killing occurred the local shopkeepers closed their shops and people ran away to save their lives.

Who Are The Suspect?

This crime merely took [place because the victim was supporting the suspended official from BJP Nupur Sharma. The case took place as a result of Nupur Sharma saying things to the Prophet Muhammad and then she was suspended. As of now the killers mentioned in the video that they will each and everyone who tried to insult God or the prophet. The CM of Rajasthan has assured that investigations will be held and that peace should be held in the area and the city and there should no more violence. The video is getting viral all over the internet and the killers are openly claiming that they have killed the tailor. The video cannot be shared in the mainstream media because of the restrictions although some of the pages are sharing it by blurring the content.



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