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Sunwing Video Flight Quebec Influencers Party Viral On Social Media



WATCH: Sunwing Video Flight Quebec Influencers Party Viral On Social Media: You all must be familiar with the news of Sunwing Airlines. A new development has been added in this case, as per the latest report, Sunwing Airlines has canceled the return flight for a group of Quebecers who partied maskless on a charted flight that takes over from Montreal to Cancun on Thursday, 30th December 2021. In a series of now-removed videos on social media websites, passengers were watched drinking alcohol, partying, and vaping in close proximity. As per the report by the Journal de Montreal, passengers included Quebec reality TV stars and social media influencers. Follow More Update On

Sunwing Video  - Sunwing Video Flight Quebec Influencers Party Viral On Social Media - Sunwing Video Flight Quebec Influencers Party Viral On Social Media

Sunwing Video

In order to board the return flight, the group of the tour was presented with terms and conditions “to make sure that the safety of the passengers and crew,” as per the airline. The released statement reads that “Sadly, the group did not accept all of the terms furnished by the airline. As a consequence, we have made the decision to cancel the return flight. But James William Awad, who organized the charter flight, informed the news website that the return trip was “canceled for anonymous reasons.”


“I agreed to all their terms and conditions but I wanted to ensure my group eats, so I informed them I want food on the plane.” He argued that “It is a 05-hour flight, they do not want to feed my group. It poses con concerns for the safety of flight.” Not only this, but Awad also asserted that the airline “wanted us to party.”

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Sunwing Flight Quebec Influencers Party Video

He stated that “The reality is that Sunwing gave alcohol to all my group at the time of the entire flight. Selling that alcohol for $5 per bottle.” He further added that the group would have stopped smoking an e-cig if they were asked to but were not.


As per the website of Sunwing “electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers must be packed in your carry-on baggage and can’t be used onboard.” Though it is not clear whether this rule applies to the charted flights of Sunwing as well; Sunwing did not provide an answer when asked.


Transport Canada declared it would launch an investigation into the flight after the transport minister of Canada spoke out on Twitter. Omar Alghabra made the tweet that “I am aware of the reports of unacceptable behavior on a Sunwing flight. I have asked Transport Canada to look out and investigate the entire matter.”

In the released statement, Transport Canada stated passengers could face fines of up to $5,000 per offense.


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