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Sony PS5 Release Date and Price Announced; Spark Debate

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The Sony PS5 release date and price has been announced has sparked serious debate between Xbox gamers and the PlayStation gamers for which console Is better.

Sony PS5 Release Date and Price Announced; Spark Debate 5ominds 5ominds

The Sony PS5 game Console which was originally announced to be released earlier in the year, but its date was shifted due to some reasons especially the availability of compatible games and the coronavirus outbreak.

The game maker has announced that the Sony PS5 console would be available for pre-order today 17th September 2020. The global launch of the Sony PS5 game console for these countries (Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea) would be held on November 12.

5ominds 5ominds

The rest of the world would have to wait until the 19th of November to have access to the Sony PS5 game console.

Sony has pegged the price for its PS5 game console at $499.99 and $399.99 for its digital edition. Sony announced that the PS5 pre-orders will be available starting early today at select retailers is coming a week after Microsoft Xbox has started receiving pre-orders for its Xbox series x.

Gamer reviewers are already locked horn in a battle of review between the Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox series x which is better. Both consoles came packed with juice both with the internal storage of the Xbox series x hitting 1TB it flaws the Sony PS5 in this area.

Another major point of debate is the backward compatibility, the Xbox series x is backward compatible to All Xbox One games / Selected Xbox360 games and Orginal Xbox games. The Sony PS5 is only compactable almost all PS4 games, including optimized PS4 pro titles.

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See specs of both the Sony PS5 game console and Xbox series x game console below:

Sony PS5 Release Date and Price Announced; Spark Debate 5ominds 5ominds5ominds 5ominds

See Gamers debate below

Xbox fans after seeing the price for PS5 digital, they realize they got scammed by Microsoft ($299) 😂

For $100 more you get

2.5X GPU Power
2.2X Faster SSD
Double RAM
2X RAM Bandwidth
8K Resolution
More Storage
Controller (Next-gen features)
Wifi 6
Bluetooth 5
Better Games

Tflops don’t mean much, especially when it comes to non-optimized games. Overall looks like PS5 is gonna smoke the Xbox at least as far as speed/IOPS go.
Disclaimer: No interest in buying a PS5. PC from now on.

Legit shut up, Xbox Series X and the Sony PS5 are both really good, if you played both, you probably won’t tell the difference besides slightly different graphics.
#PS5 has a better resolution than XboxSeriesS.  But #XboxSeriesS with complete RDNA 2 features has better graphics than the Sony PS5.
PS5 doesn’t have:
❌Variable Rate Shading
❌Variable Refresh Rate
❌ Direct X12U
❌ Direct ML
❌ Mesh Shading
❌ Quick Resume
❌ More FPS than PS5 💀

My boy the ps5 controller is literally just the Xbox One S controller

The only thing similar is the shape lmao that’s it, it’s ps5 controller isn’t the same, the ps5 doesn’t have haptic feedback (I think) and it doesn’t have adaptive triggers or whatever tbh idek what that means yet, and it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery and a touchpad.
What can you do with wifi6 when the SSD can’t handle those speeds, what can you do with Bluetooth 5? Other than adding the words to a Checklist what do they mean for playability? Also, you celebrating that you’ll need to buy another controller for the split screen?

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Lol, we know this.. the $299 Xbox is digital without 8k but has everything else. it’s an Xbox Lite. The $499 Xbox spec-wise is better than the Sony PS5. Also, you can Xbox on subscription with a console, game pass, and cloud game streaming on any mobile device 😉

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