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Small But Mighty Things That Makes A Relationship Miserable.



Small But Mighty Things That Makes A Relationship Miserable.


Small But Mighty Things That Makes A Relationship Miserable. - pexels photo 14303 300x200 - Small But Mighty Things That Makes A Relationship Miserable.

A good partner or spouse is one of those beautiful things that can happen to a man. You may have a lot of expectations, dreams, and goals. These things,ambitions are good and commendable but hard work is required to see them come to pass.

But very simple things could prevent you from achieving all that you wish to achieve in a relationship. They are so minute that we over look them most of the time and the grow and cause big issues. Let’s discuss some of it.


1.Poor communication: communication is the most important thing in a relationship, it is essential for healthy and long lasting relationships. When couples can not talk to one another, this can lead to frustration,resentment, contempt, and gradually this can lead to big issues. Look for ways to solve problems and communicate better with one another without resorting to arguments. Let your conversation be with humour, creativity, and be a good listener to each other.

2.UN-supportive: Support is a second most important factor in a relationship. Another common problem occurs when your partner is unsupportive of goals and interests. Treat your partner like they can pursue their dreams with your total support. Follow their dreams and do anything you can help support them along the way and watch them do same in return!

3.Finances: Couples will confirm one of the commonest issues in a relationship is finance. It could range from not having enough money to poor money management or split your financial burdens as well as loss of jobs, a lack of money, debt, over spending. All these issues mounts pressure that can cause friction in a relationship. It would be better to discuss your finances, and be honest about any debts or commitment that you have. Plan and make budgets together, rely on each other if money gets tight and never stop communicating.

4.Infidelity: It is a huge issue in relationships in today’s world. It ranges from sexting to porn to sneaking around to physical relationships to emotional affairs with someone other than your romantic partner. This huge issue damages relationships sometimes irreversibly. When things are not going well, let your partner know. Solve your issues amicably when you are on romantic dates nights, or regular honest communication or seek counseling.

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5.Lack of time: Not spending quality time with each other alone could destructive in a relationship. This is because you have stopped caring for each other, dating each other. Go on a child-free date night with proper arrangements done for you children to allow quality time together. Treat each other like you are still dating one another. Look for new and exciting things to do together.


6.Sex: Intimacy plays a huge role in relationship. Being intimate bonds you together and feels fantastic, so it is natural that it is easy to be sensitive to issues that arise from this angle. It is either there is not enough sex; when there is less physical contact due to busy schedule or lack of love,or sex is boring; when the sexual needs are routine or unmet it makes sex so boring, or sex is the only good thing in the relationship due to boredom of lack of in activity, if sex is the only thing a relationship can offer, then partners will suffer. Go on romantic dates, keep the sexy part of your relationship alive. Talk about sex,look for more ways to satisfy your partner while creating a lasting memory.

7. Unrealistic: Becoming a couple, getting married or moving in together does not mean they will suddenly change personalities, goal,dreams and expectations. Unrealistic expectations tear relationships apart. Avoid unrealistic expectations by being open with one another before becoming serious. Learn to accept your partner as they are. Set more realistic goals that are achievable and together towards achieving it.