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Six(6) ridiculous things we believed in Nigeria that are not true



  • Six (6) Ridiculous Things We Believed In Nigeria That Are Not True

If you’re a Nigerian, then you should be aware of what I’m about to talk on.

Today, I chose to make a list of some ridiculous things we believed in the past, that are not true.

Trust me, you will be surprised to find out that some of the stories we were fed while growing up, isn’t in any way true, but were mere facades.

Here, they are;

1. Ojuju Calabar:


If you actually grew up in Nigeria, then you’re not new to the story of ojuju Calabar, where we were made to believe that there are some scary beings that only walk at night with their faces covered in search of kids to kidnap.

Those days, when we offend our parents, they threaten to take us to Ojuju Calabar.

2. Bush baby is a monster that ate babies:

We were told that bush babies were scary little animals that went about at night with a tiny lamp and mat, that’s not all, we were also told that it goes about imitating the voice of a crying baby. And usually when it comes across people, it charms them into becoming vulnerable. Well, this is what we were told while growing up. The truth is that a bush baby neither goes about at night crying nor had a mat or a lamp.

3. Swallowed seeds will grow from your stomach


Yes! We were also told this untrue story that swallowed seeds will germinate and grow in your tummy.

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This is actually not true, swallowed seeds are passed out through your faeces.

4. People lived in TVs

While growing up, we were made to believe humans lived in the TV.

But, as we grew older, it finally dawned on us that it wasn’t so. People never lived in the Tv sets.


5. Masquerade spirit

We were told and meant to believe that Masquerades are spirits and not humans.

Most of us grew up dreading Masquerades a lot. The truth is that Masquerades are human beings in scary costumes.

6. The Nigeria versus India Football match that cost the life Sam Okwaraji.

We were told that Nigeria played india in a match that earned them 99 goals from the Indians.


We were meant to believe that the ball tools shape of different weapons ad fierce things that made the Nigerian footballers scared of kicking the ball.

Sam Okwaraji was courageous enough to kick the ball and that led to his untimely death.

Well, the truth is that this never happened.

India never played with Nigeria because they never qualified.

Sam Okwaraji died of a chronic failure.


How many of these things were you told?

Don’t forget to share this with others, let’s laugh at our childhood ignorance.

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